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The State of the American Veteran Report 2015The Orange County Veterans Study, commissioned by the Orange County Community Foundation, and conducted by the USC School of Social Work Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families (CIR), was an effort to provide data-driven recommendations for serving the population of veterans residing in Orange County, California. Service members encounter a series of needs as they transition out of the military into civilian communities. These include securing employment and housing, addressing physical or mental health issues and adjusting their self-identity to the civilian culture. The ease through which this transition is made has a profound impact on post-service well-being.

In an effort to examine how Orange County veterans have managed this transition as well as the state of their overall needs, the Orange County Veterans Study surveyed over 1,200 veterans living in Orange County in 2015. Focused groups were also conducted in an effort to supplement the themes represented in the survey. The sampling approach and methodology used in this effort mirrored those used in the Los Angeles County Veterans Study, allowing for comparisons to be made between the two samples.