Working With OCCF

Who, What, and Why OCCF?

The Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) amplifies charitable giving, helping donors make meaningful, informed, and lasting impact on the causes closest to their heart while simplifying the giving process. We help financial advisors, accountants, attorneys and other advisors help their clients find the right charitable solutions for their philanthropic needs.

What Sets us Apart?

  • Simplicity: We know charitable planning can be time sensitive. We establish funds quickly and efficiently so your clients can grant at their convenience. Your clients can use a donor-advised fund for all of their giving, without being constrained by unnecessary limitations: Modest $25,000 minimum initial contribution; no minimum additional contribution; no limit to the number of successor advisors or charitable beneficiaries.
  • Flexibility: We accept a wide range of appreciated assets including public securities, real estate, privately held business interests, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • Community Knowledge: We share our knowledge of the needs in our local community and help clients find charities that reflect their values and interests, whether in Orange County, across the nation, or around the world.
  • Family Philanthropy: Your clients expect us to be forward-thinking. Working alongside you, we help families design and manage charitable plans that engage all generations. As a community foundation, we are governed by an independent board and have a permanent endowment that ensures we will fulfill our mission in perpetuity – for good, for ever.
  • Partnership: We get to know our partners and forge strong relationships. Our job is to equip you with clear, effective solutions for your clients and future generations that will carry on charitable legacies. We’re local, and we’re only a phone call away for anything you or your clients may need.
  • Charitable Advising: We help you navigate your clients’ complex charitable and financial goals, exploring the best giving options and developing plans to make the most effective use of their charitable assets. Beyond donor-advised funds, we offer a comprehensive platform of charitable tools, including scholarship funds, designated funds, and field-of-interest funds.
  • Service (Strategic Support): We provide world-class service to your clients, no matter the size of their fund. Our philanthropic advisors create customized giving strategies that match your clients’ needs and passions. Our donors have access to a team of professionals dedicated to promptly answering calls and emails, and they are able to conduct their giving in a confidential and secure environment.

Identify Your Ideal Clients

Your clients have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and many of them may be an ideal fit for a donor-advised fund or other OCCF charitable fund. We often work with clients who:

  • Want to create and leave a legacy for future generations
  • Desire a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to make distributions in the future
  • Are holding appreciated assets (publicly traded securities, real estate, business interests, or other complex assets) and have capital gains tax exposure
  • Have interests in or plan to sell a privately-held company
  • Want to ensure the privacy of their wealth and charitable giving, or operate with complete anonymity
  • Have a private foundation and seek a strategic partner to support their mission and giving plan
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Margita Blattner Senior Director of Philanthropic Strategy

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