Donor-Advised Funds Streamline Charitable Giving

A Solution to Maximize Both Charitable Giving and Tax Savings

Once a donor-advised fund is funded with your client’s donation of cash, stock or complex assets, those contributions offer maximum tax benefits to your client and simplified documentation for you.
An OCCF donor-advised fund:

  • Gives your clients the same tax advantages as donations to any 501(c)(3) charitable organizations
  • Allows your clients the flexibility to make distributions overtime to their chosen charities without the minimum annual distribution requirement that applies to private foundations
  • Allows your clients to limit capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated assets
  • Simplifies your clients’ tax reporting by reducing the tracking of gifts to multiple charities

Special Tax Incentive - Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs

If you work with clients aged 70.5 or over who want to make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from their IRAs, your clients can designate an OCCF charitable fund as a beneficiary or we can set up a designated agency fund or field of interest fund to receive a QCD. A QCD can satisfy your client’s required minimum distribution (RMD) up to $100,000, and help your client avoid taxable income. To learn more about QCDs, please contact Margita Blattner to learn more.

Is OCCF a Good Fit for Your Clients?

Are your clients holding appreciated assets, do they have potential capital gains tax exposure, or plan to sell a privately held company? If so, OCCF may be a good fit for their charitable tax-planning. Contact us to see how an OCCF donor-advised fund can help them fulfill their goals.

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