Scholarship Application Tips

Collecting Your Scholarship Award

Congratulations on your well-deserved scholarship award! Please be sure to double check your award notification email for information about how your scholarship payment will be processed.

If your scholarship payment will be made through Scholarship America, Scholarship America will be sending an email link with instructions on how to claim your payment.

If your scholarship payment will be made through OCCF, you must submit several documents in order to claim your payment. You will be emailed an award notification with additional details on claiming your scholarship as well as a personalized Award Packet. Be sure to check your spam folder for this information.

Please note that all scholarship materials must be submitted by the deadline stated. It is your responsibility to contact OCCF if you are unable to meet a deadline. You can find additional details about claiming your award below.


To claim your scholarship payment, you must submit the following:
1. Completed and signed Scholarship Award Agreement [PDF]
2. Valid Proof of Enrollment [PDF]
3. Thank You Letter [PDF]

All documents must be submitted as a PDF file. Each student is emailed an award agreement specific to their scholarship award. You can find the Award Agreement in the award packet that was emailed to you with your award notification. See below for more information regarding a valid Proof of Enrollment.


A valid Proof of Enrollment is any unaltered document issued by the school that includes all of the following:
1. Student name
2. School name
3. Academic term (quarter/semester) for which you are enrolled
4. Number of units in which you are enrolled (minimum of 12) or classification as a full-time student

This may be a document provided from your school, an unofficial transcript, or a screenshot of your student portal as long as they include all of the information required. Any documentation from an online source must contain a URL for authentication.


Once all valid, required documents have been submitted, the scholarship check is mailed directly to your educational institution to be added to your financial aid package. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing after you’ve submitted the required scholarship documents. An email notification will be sent out to you once your check has been mailed.


To determine whether your scholarship award is renewable, please see your initial award email. It is also stated on your Award Agreement. If your scholarship is renewable, you must ensure that you meet all of the requirements for maintaining your eligibility. You may be asked to submit additional documentation such as proof of enrollment and transcript of grades by the deadline that is specified on the application. An email from OCCF staff is sent to notify students with renewable scholarships of the application process.


A transcript of grades is any unaltered document issued by the school that includes the following:

1. Student name
2. School name
3. Grades and GPA for your most recent quarter/semester

Unofficial transcripts are accepted as long as the document you provide includes all of the above information. Unofficial transcripts may also be used as a proof of enrollment if the document includes information about enrollment in the future term. Any documentation from an online source must contain a URL for authentication purposes. All documents must be submitted in a PDF format.

For questions and more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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