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OCCF’s Board and leadership team are continuing our learning journey to deepen our understanding of the diverse cultures, histories and geographies that comprise Orange County.

We launched this effort on April 13, 2023 with a learning day in Little Saigon and continued this Fall with a focus on Orange County’s Latino communities through a two-part learning experience:

 Part One: Historical Context

  • Our Latino learning series began with a deep dive into the history of Latino communities in Orange County with Priscilla Levia of Loyola Marymount University. We were proud to explore groundbreaking Orange County cases in the 1940’s that tackled discrimination in education (Mendez v. Westminster) and housing (Doss v. Bernal), paving the way for landmark Supreme Court rulings that ultimately deemed racial segregation unconstitutional.
  • OC Latino community panelistsFollowing Dr. Leiva’s presentation, we heard from a panel of prominent leaders within the OC Latino community, including Harvey Moreno—Founder/Owner of Moreno’s Restaurant, Rose Espinoza—Mayor of La Habra and founder of afterschool educational nonprofit Rosie’s Garage, and Daniel de León —Senior pastor of Templo Calvario, the oldest protestant church serving the Latino community in Orange County, established in Santa Ana in 1925.

Part Two: A Learning Experience in the Heart of Santa Ana

The insights from our learnings from the day left us with hearts and minds overflowing with gratitude and optimism about Orange County’s future with its growing and thriving Latino community.

I extend my deepest gratitude to OCCF Board member Ambassador Gaddi H. Vasquez for envisioning, planning and organizing this unparalleled learning experience.

We’d Love to Hear from You!: If you have thoughts about how OCCF can be an effective and impactful supporter of Orange County’s Latino community, or anything else you think we should know as we continue our learning journey, don’t hesitate to contact me at