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We recently interviewed Marty Burbank, past president of the Roosters Foundation Charitable Endowment Fund who opened their endowment fund at OCCF just over a year ago.

Read our Q & A below!

OCCF– Tell us more about the Roosters?

Marty Burbank– “The Roosters Orange County Group is a social and charity organization that’s been around for 25+ years made up of professional men and women who like to give back to disadvantaged Orange County children. Every year we have local fundraising events that raise funds for us to support about 30 smaller charities within our community.”

OCCF– Why did you decided to open an endowment fund with OCCF?

Marty Burbank– “In my past role as president, we set a goal to start an endowment fund for the Roosters. We’ve had our endowment fund with OCCF for a year now, and we are excited to not only host fundraising events to support local charities helping disadvantaged children in Orange County, but to grow our endowment to support children in perpetuity, even if the Roosters is not in existence in perpetuity.

OCCF also aligns well with one of our endowment strategies, which is to allow the option for individuals to give complex donations to our endowment Fund. OCCF has experience and knowledge in accepting complex assets and supporting planned giving and more.”

OCCF Do you have any strategies in place to grow your endowment fund?

Marty Burbank– “Yes! As mentioned above, one of our strategies to grow our endowment is to educate our donors on different ways of giving, like planned giving. We’d also like to educate our donors about the goal of our endowment fund, and OCCF’s customized tool, Endowing Our Future, has helped us spread the word. Another strategy we put in place is to ask our board to give 10% of their giving to the Roosters endowment fund.”

OCCF How did you start using OCCF’s customized tool, Endowing Our Future?

Marty Burbank– “We first shared it with our board during a board meeting and then included it in our newsletter for Rooster members and prospects so they could consider a gift to our endowment.”