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The house at the end of the block is home to a bustling family with three young children. Like many Orange County parents, Karen and Scott Green dedicate hours each day balancing a busy schedule including school carpools, homework, soccer and volleyball. Also prominent on the activity calendar: giving back.

Green FamilyTo look at Maddie, Cooper, and Brady, you’d never know that they are, in fact, philanthropists. Of course, their parents have something to do with that. Like many couples, Scott and Karen generously donate both time and money to their church, their respective universities and several causes closest to their hearts. But the family takes philanthropy one step further by including their children’s participation in a 10-year giving plan they developed with the help of the Orange County Community Foundation. “We’re fortunate that our parents and our church taught us the value of helping others in need. We want to pass those values along to our kids,” says Karen. She and Scott are members of OCCF’s Impact Philanthropy Group, which helps young professionals and community leaders explore the current and future role that philanthropy can play in their lives.

“OCCF really helped us to hone in on areas where we were most interested in making an impact. They asked great questions, introduced us to organizations and showed us how to create a plan that makes sense for our family.”
Scott Green, co-founder of software company StrataCare

The plan helps focus their giving in four key areas: early education and mentoring; mental health; single mothers; and the environment. Each month, the family volunteers together and discusses how they can help others. To include their children in the decision-making process, the couple allocates Maddie, Cooper and Brady a designated amount to donate to causes of their choice each year. “It’s never too early to start helping others,” says Karen. “We want our kids to recognize the importance of stewardship and the difference they can make for people throughout their entire lives.”