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Malli and Rani VaranasiMalli and Rani Varanasi are letting their hopes shape the future of their giving – and counting on OCCF to steward their vision during their lifetimes, and beyond. From reducing homelessness, to helping elders without enough to eat and women struggling with poverty and abuse, the Varanasis are determined to see that no one is left behind. Their donor-advised fund at OCCF provides grants to organizations in Orange County and internationally. But what about tomorrow? With an OCCF legacy fund, the Varanasis will be able to support what matters to them most, forever.

OCCF is honored to work with donors to steward legacies of generosity that will last for generations to come. We currently steward more than 100 Legacy Funds for donors who have chosen OCCF to ensure that their philanthropic vision lives on beyond their lifetime. Whatever your cause, whatever your desire for impact, OCCF offers options for making your mark through a well-crafted philanthropic plan. Our flexible approach means your philanthropic intent will be honored and fulfilled, forever, exactly as you wish.