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Uzoma Patrick Isebor

Uzoma Isebor

Senior Salesforce Developer

As a Senior Salesforce Developer at OCCF, Uzoma is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions and leading dynamic IT teams. Educational pursuits led him to a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Lagos followed by a master’s in business administration at Hult International Business School in Cambridge, MA.

His dedication to mastering the Salesforce platform has resulted in becoming a Certified Salesforce Developer. With a rich professional journey spanning 9 years in the Information Technology field, his career has seen him engaging with diverse industries as a technical consultant. Particularly, he has successfully navigated the domains of the Consulting and Entertainment sectors, employing Salesforce to enhance business processes and promote growth. His skills as a Salesforce Developer encompass more than just the technical realm. His unique specialization merges Salesforce development and business analytics, equipping him to tackle challenges from both technical and business perspectives.

Beyond his professional commitments, he appreciates the thrills of watching basketball and the intellectual gains that comes with reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction literature.

For any professional communication, Uzoma can be reached at He is eager to continue his growth journey, fostering new relationships, and undertaking exciting projects along the way.