Orange County Social Justice Fund

Orange County Social Justice Fund

Orange County Social Justice Fund

Orange County Social Justice FundOrange County has a rich history and diverse cultural landscape. It is also a community of many contrasts. Incredible resources and economic opportunity exist here juxtaposed with barriers that prevent many from full participation in the economic and civic life of our region. Our newest initiative, the Orange County Social Justice Fund, was developed to address these challenges head-on. This fund was created through the vision and generosity of Keith Swayne, with the aim of an Orange County where all residents have equal economic, civic, and social rights and opportunities. Fundamental to the Fund’s vision are three key values:  diversity is an asset, moving toward unity, and creating local impact.

The Orange County Social Justice Fund recently announced its first round of grants totaling $400,000 to 25 organizations that demonstrate their investment in meeting urgent needs in marginalized and underserved communities, creating change through community collaborative efforts, and addressing root causes of economic, political, and social injustice.

Meet Our 2023 Grantees 

If we are going to be a strong thriving county, which we all want, then we have to be a county that accepts everyone, and sees the diversity as a strength, not a weakness and a challenge. - Keith Swayne

Questions? Contact Keri Mesina at [email protected]

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