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Funds at OCCF

Promising Futures Orange County Fund

Our vision is an Orange County where all students can achieve their full potential whether in college or career readiness, no matter the conditions or circumstances into which they were born.

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Fundamental to the Fund’s vision are three key values:

Advancing Educational Equity: Each child should receive what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential, so they graduate prepared for success after high school. We seek to remove obstacles to success based on social, economic or cultural factors, and ensure equitable access to future opportunity.

Community Building: Families are vital partners in the education of their children. When students and their parents are advocating for themselves, their education, and their community, our entire region benefits.

Economic Opportunity: Talent is equitably distributed, but opportunity is not. Whether through a four-year college degree, a community college, or a trade or technical school, students most in need should have the access and support to pursue the educational pathway that ensures their ability to successfully enter the workforce and realize their dreams and goals.

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