The African American Alliance Fund

The African American Alliance Fund

The African American Alliance Fund

Established June 19, 2020

The Orange County Community Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the African American Alliance Fund – the first-ever OCCF fund focused on African American communities.

Founded by OCCF’s Executive Vice President & COO, Tammy Tumbling, the mission of the Fund will be to raise awareness about systemic racism and support programs that advance African Americans within Orange County and surrounding communities. Inspired by her own personal experiences, Tammy’s vision is for this fund to create a bridge to the African American community through philanthropy and engagement.

“During a time of much social injustice in African American communities and with the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, I believe it’s a time to go beyond what I’ve done in the past. I was inspired to set up something that can provide others an opportunity to help support the African American community in a thoughtful and deliberate way. This is an opportunity to be part of the solution – to help bridge people of different backgrounds to a common cause.” – Tammy Tumbling

The African American Alliance Fund will be one of many tools to advance our work for racial justice and equity. It is the first of a lasting commitment to invest in the promise and potential of our diverse communities.

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