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You and OCCF:
Putting Passion into Action

It’s our passion to help you find yours. Whether your philanthropic interests are close to home or a world away, we’ll help you chart a course for meaningful impact on the causes closest to your heart.

How the Orange County Community Foundation Can Help

OCCF has partnered with generous donors to grant nearly $780 million to meet needs in Orange County, across the nation, and around the world since our inception in 1989.

Advantages of Giving with OCCF

Since 1989, we have served as a resource for donors throughout Orange County, offering unique insights, deep knowledge, and a diverse array of giving opportunities to match donors’ philanthropic interests. If you value tax benefits, flexibility, ease, efficiency and accountability paired with thoughtful planning and diligent stewardship, we are the perfect partner for you.
Achieve the good you want to see in the world. Learn more about giving with OCCF with our Guide to Giving.

Key Benefits

  1. OCCF services revolve around YOUR philanthropic goals
  2. Get access to a philanthropic team to help implement your vision
  3. Start your fund with a simple document
  4. OCCF can accept cash (including credit), cryptocurrency, marketable securities, business interests, real estate, or other complex assets
  5. Give locally, nationally or around the world
  6. Connect with the causes you care about most
  7. Meet caring like-minded individuals at exclusive events or in donor circles

Seeing the difference our donors are making at home and abroad drives our passion for encouraging, supporting and facilitating philanthropy every day.

Shelley HossPresident, Orange County Community Foundation

Our Funds

OCCF offers a variety of charitable funds and provides stewardship and oversight to ensure that your intentions are honored always. Our various fund types are listed below:

  • Donor-Advised Funds: A powerful tool for achieving philanthropic impact
  • Signature Funds: Combining the best features of a private foundation with the ease of a donor-advised fund
  • Field-of-Interest Funds: Sustaining support for the causes you care about most
  • Legacy Funds: A customized approach to supporting your philanthropic passions in perpetuity
  • The Orange County Endowment: Growing the good in Orange County, forever
  • Designated Agency Endowments: An enduring source of support for local nonprofits
  • Scholarship Funds: Fueling the dream of higher education for Orange County students
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