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Since 1994, The Orange County Endowment has generated $8 million in grants to local nonprofits.

When you establish an OCCF donor-advised fund, you’ll receive detailed statements that outline contributions, investment earnings and grants.

Types of Funds

The Orange County Community Foundation offers a wide range of charitable funds, allowing you to tailor the timing, form and impact of your gifts. For all funds, OCCF provides professional stewardship and oversight to ensure that donor intentions are honored. Always.

Hands Giving GiftEndow for tomorrow? Give for today?

OCCF donor-advised funds may be endowed. Or not.

If endowed, your original gift becomes the corpus, or principal, of the fund, and cannot be spent. This principal will generate earnings, which will become available for grants. Over several decades, an endowed fund’s principal can more than double…while supplying grants every year. Endowed donor-advised funds are a good way to allow future generations to continue your tradition of giving.

If not endowed, your original gift is available for grants right away. Non-endowed funds are a good way to put your gift to immediate use.

Donor-Advised Fund

Minimum effort, maximum impact. An OCCF donor-advised fund allows you to create and name a fund, serve as its advisor, and recommend charitable distributions. Each gift to your OCCF fund triggers an immediate tax deduction. OCCF handles the legal, financial and administrative burdens, including writing grant checks and tracking results. As donor advisor, you can take your time and focus on the fun part: recommending grants from your fund.
To instill the value of giving, some grandparents establish donor-advised funds and involve their grandchildren as advisors.

Signature Fund

Personalized philanthropy, flexible investment options. Our Signature Fund combines the best features of a private foundation with all the benefits of a donor-advised fund. The high level of customized philanthropic support that comes with a Signature Fund at OCCF means you enjoy the utmost privacy, flexibility, family involvement, recognition and expertise.
A donor-advised fund with assets of $1 million or more can qualify to become a Signature Fund.

The Orange County Endowment

The Orange County Endowment was established in 1994 to ensure that OCCF could respond quickly and effectively to Orange County's most pressing needs. Four funds support specific fields of interest:

Excellence in Education Fund
Supports programs that help close the achievement gap for local students, with a focus on training and development for teachers using research-based practices.

Health and Wellness Fund
Supports prevention and early health intervention for children with special focus on access to healthcare, immunization, and child abuse prevention.

Arts and Culture Fund
Supports the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit arts and cultural sector in Orange County, with a sub-fund devoted solely to supporting arts education for local students.

Environment Fund
Supports hands-on education in schools, public understanding of Orange County’s unique natural resources, and conservation and preservation of open spaces.

Make an online donation to The Orange County Endowment.

Legacy Fund

Funded through a bequest, legacy funds support favorite causes in perpetuity.

Agency Endowment

If you have a deep tie to a particular organization, an agency fund allows you to support it in perpetuity.

Scholarship Fund

Created by gifts or bequests, scholarship funds help students cover the increasing costs of higher education. You may add to an existing fund or work with OCCF staff to design one with your own criteria.

Field-Of-Interest Fund

Established to support a specific charitable area, such as arts and culture, education, the environment, or health and wellness.


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