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Supporting Community Health

Supporting Community Health

If community health is sub-optimal, we are all impacted.  Whether we talk about the possibility of a major outbreak of a communicable disease (think measles, influenza or tuberculosis), or we talk about how the long-term implications of increasing chronic conditions such as diabetes will impact our workforce, the health of our fellow residents should be a concern to all of us.

And this is where philanthropic efforts are important.  There are numerous examples of foundations and individuals making a difference in regard to the health care infrastructure in our county. While the examples are numerous, I would like to call out two specific cases in particular:

Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County
 is a dental program focused on children.  The organization was created, incubated and ultimately became a very successful independent organization that provides outstanding and much needed dental services and education to numerous children in Orange
County . 

MOMS Orange County focuses on helping women have healthy babies, and teaching parenting skills to new moms and dads.  MOMS has helped thousands of women deliver healthy babies, and given these children a good start toward becoming healthy, productive people.
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