Additional Nonprofit Resources

Additional Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofits in Orange County are working toward the common goal of creating a stronger, more vibrant community for all who live here. The Orange County Community Foundation seeks to strengthen and leverage resources for these nonprofits through grants and scholarships, as well as promote philanthropy through our Nonprofit Central database and our annual countywide iheartoc Giving Day that support the charitable goals of these organizations. OCCF is fortunate to have a diverse collection of nonprofits to work with and providing them with the resources they need to fulfill their missions is one of the most important ways we work across our region.

A fully searchable online database of Orange County nonprofits, Nonprofit Central was created to help donors and residents better understand the local nonprofit community and discover how to support the causes they care about most.

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A 30-hour online giving event challenging OC residents to give where your hearts lives in support of the causes they care about most. With $1.8 million raised in 2015 and more than $3.25 million in 2016, our two-year total exceeds $5 million.

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