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Investments, Financials & Fees

Investments & Financial Strategies

Our Financial Strength

The Orange County Community Foundation takes pride in providing clear, transparent information about our investment management, governance and fees. Contributions are invested for long-term growth so that our funds can benefit the community today and for generations to come.

Investment Management

Our goal is to invest charitable assets for growth while preserving capital. OCCF manages investments to maximize returns and minimize risk. A diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments ensures philanthropic investments endure through good times and bad. Our process is guided by a team of dedicated professionals who volunteer as members of our Investment Committee. The committee implements a strategy set by the Board of Governors with the guidance of Cambridge Associates, a leader in nonprofit portfolio management for over 40 years.

Investing for Good

Total assets: $514 million
Grants and scholarships awarded in 2021: $98 million
Contributions received in 2021: $106 million
As of December 31, 2021


The Orange County Community Foundation’s Board of Governors is a diverse group of talented individuals united in their desire to do what is best for our community. Our members apply their skills and expertise in the areas that ensure the most effective oversight and guidance of OCCF’s activities.


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Financial Documents

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