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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds

Establishing a scholarship fund with the Orange County Community Foundation allows donors to make a significant impact on the lives of students who wish to pursue a higher education.

Scholarships may help students who are unable to afford college or give certain students the extra encouragement they need to continue their education. A scholarship fund provides the same tax benefits as a donor-advised fund and allows donors to focus educational support on a particular area of interest. Scholarship funds offer a tangible sense of the impact of philanthropy and can be very rewarding.


There are many reasons to decide to establish a scholarship fund. Scholarships can be created to memorialize a loved one, help disadvantaged students, recognize academic excellence, or reward community involvement. OCCF works with each donor to make sure the scholarship criteria reflects his or her personal goals and interests.

Establishing a Fund

Every scholarship is unique to the donor who establishes it. OCCF makes the set-up process simple and convenient while giving personal attention to the details of each scholarship. Our staff works closely with donors to establish criteria that will target and attract the students they wish to support. We also handle all aspects of the scholarship administration and have regular contact with students and universities. Each scholarship has its own application and review process. After recipients are selected, OCCF keeps records of scholarship payments and tracks student eligibility by verifying GPA and school enrollment.