Individual & Family Services

Individual & Family Services at OCCF

Helping you execute your philanthropic goals is our top priority at the Orange County Community Foundation.

Our services are driven by extensive grant-making experience and philanthropic knowledge designed to strengthen and support your local grant-making whether close to home or across the globe.

Individuals: How We Serve You

We have a variety of funds designed to suit your needs now and over the long term. You tailor their timing, form and impact to achieve your personal philanthropic goals.

Our Fund Types

Donor-Advised Funds: Manage Your Philanthropy On Your Terms

Create and name a fund, serve as its advisor, and recommend charitable distributions. Each gift to your OCCF fund triggers an immediate tax deduction. OCCF handles the legal, financial, and administrative burdens, including writing grant checks and tracking results.

As a donor advisor, you can take your time and focus on the fun part: recommending grants from your fund.

A Note on Endowment:
OCCF donor-advised funds may or may not be endowed. If endowed, your original gift becomes the corpus, or principal, of the fund, and remains invested to fuel future granting. Over time, an endowed fund’s balance continues to grow while awarding grants every year. If not endowed, your original gift is available for grants right away. This is a good way to put your gift to immediate use and to continue the momentum by making contributions and awarding grants from your fund each year.

The Center for Engaged Philanthropy  provides a customized level of philanthropic service designed to support the individual needs of signature fund advisors. We will focus on supporting your unique philanthropic passions and will help you create a family giving plan that includes a personal philanthropic mission statement, multi-generational family engagement, access to nonprofit events and site visits, and administration of grant programs.

Most importantly, you will have direct access to our deep knowledge of Orange County nonprofits and expert industry knowledge of the nonprofit and grantmaking landscape.

Signature Funds: Make Big Changes Happen

The Center for Engaged Philanthropy provides a customized level of philanthropic service designed to support the individual needs of signature fund advisors. Personalized philanthropy, flexible investment options: Our Signature Fund combines the best features of a private foundation with all the benefits of a donor-advised fund. The high level of customized philanthropic support that comes with a Signature Fund at OCCF means you enjoy the utmost privacy, flexibility, family involvement, recognition, and expertise. A donor-advised fund with assets of $1 million or more can qualify to become a Signature Fund.

Field-of-Interest Funds: Support the Issues You Care About the Most

Support a specific area of interest, e.g., the arts, education, the environment, healthcare — or anything that sparks your philanthropic interest — by establishing a fund to provide enduring grant support over time.

Legacy Funds: Support What Matters Forever

Funded through a bequest, a legacy fund ensures that your philanthropic vision lives on under the careful stewardship of OCCF’s philanthropic advisors and board of governors.

There are many options for structuring your philanthropic legacy guidelines. This includes assigning fund advisory rights to other family members or friends, designating specific organizations to receive annual support, or identifying needs in the community you would like your fund to support (i.e. helping veterans receive employment readiness and job skills), or any combination of these options.

Wherever your passion lies, we will work with your structure and guidelines to meet your interests.

The Orange County Endowment: Growing the Good in Orange County, Forever

The Orange County Endowment was established in 1994 to ensure that OCCF could respond quickly and effectively to Orange County’s most pressing needs. Five sub-funds within the Orange County Endowment support specific areas of need:

  • Excellence in Education Fund: Supports programs that help close the achievement gap for local students, with a focus on training and development for teachers using research-based practices.
  • Health and Wellness Fund: Supports prevention and early health intervention for children with special focus on access to healthcare, immunization, and child abuse prevention.
  • Arts and Culture Fund: Supports the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit arts and cultural sector in Orange County, with a sub-fund devoted solely to supporting arts education for local students.
  • Environment Fund: Supports hands-on education in schools, public understanding of Orange County’s unique natural resources, and conservation and preservation of open spaces.
  • Special Needs Fund: Supports programs that enhance the quality of life for people living with disabilities and other special needs, therapeutic and/or intervention services, adaptive equipment or assistive technology, and respite care services for families and caregivers.

Designated Agency Endowment: An Enduring Source of Support for Local Nonprofits

If you have deep ties to a particular organization, a designated agency endowment helps you support it forever.

Scholarship Funds: Fueling the Dream of Higher Education for OC Students

Created by gifts or bequests, scholarship funds help students cover the escalating costs of higher education. Add to an existing fund, or work with OCCF to establish your own.

For more information on giving through the Orange County Community Foundation, view Guide to Giving.

Families: How We Partner with Your Family Foundation

For individuals and families who choose to practice their giving through a family foundation, the Orange County Community Foundation can be a valuable partner. With extensive grantmaking experience and local community knowledge, OCCF is uniquely equipped to provide a variety of services for local foundations to support their local, national, or international grantmaking.


Whether your foundation is large or small, our array of services can ease the burden with:

  • Research to focus funding priorities
  • Development of grant application guidelines
  • Review and screening of proposals
  • Conducting site visits
  • Grantee due diligence reviews
  • Advising on award amounts
  • Processing grant awards and agreements
  • Monitoring grant accountability and impact
  • Services are customized to meet your needs

The real benefits include a reduction in your administrative burden with expert staff support, achieving maximum impact with your charitable dollars and the assurance that your foundation’s philanthropic goals will be achieved in a highly-efficient manner.

How OCCF Can Help With Required Qualifying Distributions

As a public charity, OCCF can accept a qualifying distribution from your private foundation to help fulfill your annual payout requirement. This distribution can be placed in a fund advised by the trustees of your foundation, allowing you more time to deliberate and recommend grants.



  • No cost to establish
  • No excise tax on income
  • No annual distribution requirements
  • No annual reporting requirements
  • Anonymous giving at your request
  • Access to OCCF’s expert staff

Philanthropy: An Integral Part of Parenting for the Green Family

Karen and Scott Green wanted to do more than tell their three children that it was important to care for the community, so these members of OCCF’s Impact Philanthropy Group developed a 10-year giving plan that engages the whole family in giving back. Read more of Karen and Scott Green’s story

With the help of OCCF, we are able to make giving a family tradition.
– Karen & Scott Green