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Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President (COO/EVP)

Position Overview

The Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President (COO/EVP) is a new position created for the purpose of translating OCCF’s vision and strategy into integrated operational tactics, and strengthening the internal infrastructure needed to achieve OCCF’s vision. A key performance objective for the COO/EVP will be to develop and implement an operational strategy designed to support OCCF’s vision and growth objectives. As these operational plans and programs are implemented, it will be important to understand how they collectively impact the organization’s performance in both the short- and long-term. This will involve budget considerations, prioritizing activities based on operational needs, organizational and team development requirements, and ensuring that the culture is preserved in times of rapid growth. One key deliverable is the development of a long-range operating plan defining how these factors will tie together and the impact they will have on improving organizational performance.

Key Responsibilities

1. Build Operational Capacity to Sustain Growth: The COO/EVP will be responsible for assessing OCCF’s operational capacity, and developing a high-level plan to build on strengths and address weaknesses. The COO will gain a thorough understanding of internal and external constituents’ needs, and will ensure that the operational platform—including structure, staffing, and workflow processes—fuels OCCF’s progress toward its strategic objectives in both the near-and long-term.

2. Lead Systems Transformation: In the near-term, the COO/EVP will quarterback the implementation of OCCF’s new technology system, including leading the accompanying change management process. It is anticipated that the technology migration will constitute a major focus during the first year, ensuring that all users are fully trained and that reporting processes provide the executive team with the information needed to effectively manage their functions. The COO/EVP will also recruit an IT Manager to oversee the day-to-day technology operations on an ongoing basis. Over the long-term, the COO/EVP will ensure that OCCF’s core functions are fully supported by our technology platforms, and that our systems enable an optimal external and internal user experience.

3. Ensure Start-to Finish Excellence in Donor Experience: The COO/EVP will be charged with identifying opportunities to improve the OCCF donor experience—from point of first contact through the complete donor service life cycle—and will work across functions to measure and continuously improve that experience. This will include thought leadership on the successful execution of our marketing and business development plans, as well as benchmarking indicators of the donor experience and establishing plans to enhance and optimize it.

Candidate Profile

The skills and experience to lead a high-performing team and work effectively in partnership with the Foundation’s president and Board of Governors is essential. Superb interpersonal skills are presumed, as is the ability to manage the multiple roles inherent in working in a dynamic, growing philanthropic organization.

A Bachelor’s degree is required. Advanced degree in relevant field preferred.

Application Instructions

All interested, qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter through our online system via the following link: Applications will only be accepted through the online application portal. Should you have any questions about the application process, please email us at

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