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Shared Values Statement

OC Opportunity Initiative

Statement of Shared Values

The United States stands at a historical crossroads. Founded as a refuge from religious persecution and built by generations of immigrants, our country has been the standard bearer internationally for the assertion and protection of inalienable rights and freedoms, a beacon of hope for refugees facing oppression and persecution, and a land of opportunity for immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families.


As philanthropic institutions, we have built our missions on this proud and rich tradition. We have invested in creating healthy communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, building a vibrant democracy, and advancing equity and equality for all people.


Our foundations support diverse issues, strategies, and communities across the country, and we are united in the belief that immigrants and refugees are integral to every aspect of our society. Without the contributions of immigrants and refugees now and throughout our history, our collective wellbeing and economic vitality would be greatly diminished.


The OC Opportunity Initiative came together to ensure that Orange County seizes immediate opportunities to uplift every sector of our community. The members of the OC Opportunity Initiative believe that philanthropy can and should play a defining role in shaping a successful immigrant integration strategy in Orange County. As a funder collaborative, we respect and promote diverse opinions and an atmosphere of inclusiveness. We embrace and celebrate colleagues and grantee partners from diverse backgrounds, because greater diversity leads to better ideas, better cultural awareness, and greater empathy.


We join public officials, the faith community, business leaders, and the American public in supporting policies that protect our national security, strengthen our economy, and protect core American values. We stand with our grantees – advocates, organizers, researchers, and service providers – in calling for policies that reflect our nation’s founding principles, promote cohesion and inclusion, instill hope, and show compassion. With history and morality as our guide, we reject discriminatory policies that target individuals based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, immigration status, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, and other grounds. We stand committed to the inherent value and dignity of every person at home and abroad.


We stand together for the American Dream.