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Funders & Donors

Support for OC Opportunity Initiative

The OC Opportunity Initiative is spearheaded by a regional collaborative of grantmakers dedicated to improving the lives of immigrants in Orange County. The group originated as a coalition of funders with a range of grant-making priorities who initially wanted to be educated about, work together on, and ultimately improve outcomes for immigrants in Orange County. Members of the OC Opportunity Initiative believe that philanthropy can and should play a defining role in shaping a successful immigrant integration strategy in Orange County. The group is committing to helping to foster an even bolder, more cohesive and stronger future for our community.

Individual Donors

The OC Opportunity Initiative also includes several individual donors, including

  • Donnie Crevier
  • Rick Godber
  • Dr. Alberto Manetta

Individual Donors

In partnership with Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, the OC Opportunity Initiative capitalized on a national matching fund opportunity made available by Open Society Foundations.

With the extraordinary support of our local and regional funders, the OC Opportunity Initiative leveraged $239,000 in national matching funds to raise a total of $700,000 to support immigrant integrationin the first year alone.