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OC Opportunity Initiative

OC Opportunity Initiative

Ensuring a Vibrant Orange County

Orange County has benefited from the contributions of generations of immigrants who have helped shape our county from its agricultural beginnings to our current standing as an international hub of innovation and enterprise.

The continued growth and vitality of our county depends on an engaged, educated and economically stable population which incorporates the skills, talents and contributions of our diverse communities. As we chart a course for the future, we must begin with a basic understanding of Orange County’s immigrant communities, and the challenges and opportunities facing us. Learn more about why immigrant integration matters to Orange County, as well as provide insight into the legal landscape that immigrants are encountering.

  • Approximately 913,000 immigrants live in Orange County, making up nearly one-third of our county’s population.
  • Seventy-nine percent of immigrants in Orange County have lived here for more than 30 years. Only 21 percent have arrived in the past decade.

Our Purpose

The OC Opportunity Initiative came together to ensure that Orange County seizes immediate opportunities to uplift every sector of our community. By ensuring the full participation of our immigrant communities, Orange County will see positive health and educational outcomes for all residents while strengthening the social and cultural fabric of our community.

The OC Opportunity Initiative is helping immigrants realize their potential within our community by providing funding for 18 nonprofits that provide legal services, outreach, and education in order to:

  1. Reduce barriers to immigrant services in Orange County
  2. Connect permanent legal residents to citizenship support
  3. Increase awareness of DACA-related services
  4. Enhance the capacity of existing service providers to increase the number of eligible immigrants applying for deferred action

Although singular in purpose, the OC Opportunity Initiative will yield multiple benefits for every resident, every neighborhood and every business by removing the greatest obstacles that immigrants face – putting everyone closer to achieving the American Dream.

Learn more about the regional collaborative of grantmakers and donors dedicated to improving the lives of Orange County immigrants.

The mission of the OC Opportunity Initiative is to direct resources to improve the lives of local immigrants and help them access all available legal opportunities to normalize their status.