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Investment Management

Investment Management: Growth for Good

Our goal is to invest charitable assets for growth while preserving capital. OCCF manages investments to maximize returns and minimize risk. A diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments ensures philanthropic investments endure through good times and bad.

Focus on the Long-Term

Steady growth helps minimize risk to build lasting resources, rather than changing strategy based on short-term market conditions.

Utilize Economies of Scale

Funds are combined for investment to leverage efficiencies. This allows smaller funds access to more sophisticated investment vehicles that might not otherwise be possible.

Practice Portfolio Diversification

Diversification increases the likelihood of meeting or exceeding the fund’s desired return during market fluctuations.

Track Fund Performance

Each fund is tracked individually. Comprehensive statements are issued on a quarterly basis, and all information is available anytime through the Donor Portal.

Investments are overseen by an experienced Investment Committee with the support of independent investment consultant Cambridge Associates  a leader in nonprofit portfolio management for over 40 years.



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Chief Financial Officer
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