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OCCF’s Investment & Financial Strategies

OCCF’s Investment & Financial Strategies

Prudent Investment Management

That’s been our strong suit since 1989. Assets are invested for both growth and capital preservation. Maximizing donors’ ability to make charitable impact in both the near and long-term is our primary objective. And we’re good at it. OCCF ranks in the top 2% of grantmaking among 780 U.S. Community Foundations.

Wise Governance

OCCF’s Board of Governors represents a diverse group of experienced business and community leaders united in their dedication to OCCF as they apply their skills and expertise in the areas that ensure the most effective oversight and guidance of our work.

Investment, Discipline & Stewardship

For more than 30 years, the Orange County Community Foundation has provided astute and diligent stewardship of the charitable assets entrusted to our care. OCCF’s Board of Governors establishes guidelines, approves asset allocation, and reviews investment performance each quarter. The OCCF Investment Committee implements the board’s strategy with the support of our independent investment advisor, Cambridge Associates. To help donors make the most of their charitable dollars, OCCF manages investments to maximize returns while minimizing risk. A diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments, managed with vigilant and proactive attention, protects philanthropic investments.

Investment Options

OCCF offers donors two specific investment options: our Long-Term Investment Pool and a newly launched Environment, Social and Governance Investment Pool (ESG Pool).

The ESG Pool considers sustainability, alignment of mission, potential impact, and diversity and inclusion with equal importance to traditional investment criteria. It is invested with similar return and risk objectives as the Long-Term Investment Pool in a portfolio of common stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private equity funds and cash equivalents.

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