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Tax Benefits & Tips

Maximize Your Impact

Group of KidsThe world is full of opportunities to give. And giving through an OCCF donor-advised fund brings with it a wide range of benefits, flexibility, efficiency and accountability. With our thoughtful planning and diligent stewardship on your side, you can maximize the return on your charitable investment.




Maximum Tax Benefits

All charitable organizations are not created equal. As a tax-exempt public charity, OCCF offers giving solutions that maximize benefits to donors on capital gains, estate and income taxes. We can help structure cash-equivalent gifts to offset up to 50% of your annual Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Long-term appreciated assets can provide a deduction to offset up to 30% of your AGI. And you can carry unused deductions forward for up to five years.

Real Flexibility

Any nonprofit can accept cash gifts. At OCCF, we can also process gifts of marketable securities, closely held stock, retirement funds, limited partnership and LLC interests, and real estate. You can give the gift outright, or structure it to produce lifetime income for you or a beneficiary.

True Simplicity

Giving should be easy. Creating a fund at OCCF gives you many of the benefits of a private foundation without any of the legal complexities, administrative burdens, and compliance requirements. Your benefits: more time, less stress.

Savvy Investing

Your gift can grow. With diligent oversight from the OCCF Investment Committee and professional management from Beacon Pointe Advisors, your fund is invested for long-term growth, allowing you to make generous grants for years to come.

Total Accountability

You monitor performance. When you establish a fund at OCCF, quarterly statements will keep you apprised of all activity. An annual independent audit by Moss Adams LLP is distributed to all donor advisors, and is also available online.

Appropriate Recognition

You name your fund. Your OCCF fund may bear the name of you, your family, your hero, or your loved one. Or, if you prefer anonymity, none of the above.

Local Insight

We are your feet on the street. OCCF staff frequently visit local nonprofits and participate in community conversations. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Lasting Legacy

Your goodness grows. Under the stewardship of OCCF, your gift can grow and support your philanthropic priorities forever.

Tax Benefits

Charitable gifts made during your lifetime provide federal and state income tax deductions and can reduce estate taxes.

  1. Giving appreciated assets like real estate and stocks yields an income tax deduction today (based upon fair market value) and can also help avoid capital gain taxes.
  2. Deferred giving through a bequest allows you to plan your commitment to charity today and make an impact beyond your lifetime.
  3. A gift of a pension plan or IRA to charity can help avoid income taxes upon a future distribution to heirs.

Please note that of the above strategies should not be relied upon as tax or legal advice. Donors should consult their tax and legal counsel for specific advice on their personal situation.


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