Accelerate Change Together for Anaheim

Support for Nonprofits to Help At-Risk Anaheim Youth    

ACT Anaheim 2016
ACT Anaheim 2016

The Accelerate Change Together Anaheim (ACT Anaheim) grant initiative addresses gaps in service for underserved Anaheim youth. It is focused on building the ability of the nonprofit sector to engage youth and parents in programs that strengthen families and communities. It was launched in 2014 by Angels Baseball, the Anaheim Ducks and Disneyland Resort, which together committed $3 million to benefit Anaheim youth over three years. As managing partner of the grant initiative, OCCF increased the inaugural granting pool from $1 million to $1.5 million for local nonprofits.  


Why We Need to ACT Now

Anaheim’s youth are the key to our future, but many are in danger of falling through the cracks. The 2012 Anaheim Youth Services Assessment Report found that:

  • Anaheim youth are at significant risk for poverty, gang involvement and school dropout.
  • The highest-risk youth, those aged 13 -18, are the least served by local programs
  • Few programs operate after 5 p.m., when risk and vulnerability for older youth skyrocket.
  • There are critical gaps in the most-needed programs, like gang prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and safe spaces for teens to engage with each other and their community in positive ways.

ACT Anaheim funded programs work specifically to:ACT Anaheim

  • Enhance programming geared to older youth (primarily ages 13 – 18).
  • Increase access to youth programming.
  • Engage parents in meaningful ways to strengthen families.
  • Increase the capacity of programs to meet the needs of Anaheim youth and families.


Taking ACTion to Make Change

ACT Anaheim funding allowed for not only the creation of new services and programs in Anaheim, but the expansion and enhancement of existing programs with local nonprofits. Assessment of impact of the Act Anaheim grant initiative is based on the number of youth associated with funded programs that are college and career ready; positively engaged in the community; have a healthy life style; and have a positive relationship with parents (and other adults).


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