Top 10 Reasons to Establish a Fund at OCCF

OCCF Donors
Many OCCF donors make giving a family tradition.
    1. It’s easy. Your fund agreement spells out all the details. You can recommend grants after you make your first contribution to your fund.  
    2. It’s anonymous. (if you want it to be).
    3. It’s family-friendly. A donor-advised fund allows you to strategize with spouses, siblings, children, or grandchildren to establish your family legacy.
    4. It’s flexible. Enjoy the ability to contribute appreciated assets into an OCCF fund.
    5. It’s maximum benefit. A gift of cash to an OCCF fund allows the maximum charitable deduction, up to 50% of a donor's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).
    6. It’s hurry-free. No yearly minimum distribution requirements – another benefit of giving through a public charity.
    7. It’s fair. Deduct gifts of closely held long-term appreciated stock at its fair market value, up to 30% of AGI.
    8. It’s excise-tax free. No tax on investment income here, a benefit of OCCF’s public charity status.
    9. It’s peace of mind. When you give through OCCF, you can be assured that the grants you make support nonprofits that meet our stringent requirements.

    10. It’s good service. Best of all, you have the expertise of the Community Foundation staff to support all your giving and granting needs.