Connect OC

Connect OC

ConnectOC is a first-of-its-kind resource providing eye-opening facts and insight into Orange County and areas of greatest need. The report addresses three key areas: the safety net for our community’s most vulnerable (shelter, food and employment); the health and wellness of children and families; and the education of our youth.

In addition to providing critical data, ConnectOC moves from knowledge to action, showcasing strategies for driving real change in these areas of need. The report spotlights organizations that are already moving the needle and what they’re doing to make it happen.

ConnectOC pulls back the curtain to reveal the real Orange County. While the region and its residents are often portrayed as the upper echelon, living in multi-million dollar homes and bringing home six-figure salaries, the reality is that Orange County is a community of contrast. These disparities have deepened with a challenged economy and rising cost of living. Moving from knowledge to action, ConnectOC provides strategies for driving real change in these areas of need. OCCF and its donors are already charting the course by investing in safety net, health and wellness, and education outcomes. The work is under way – but more support is needed to buoy those efforts and create lasting change.

Three Critical Issues

Three Critical Issues

Safety Net Safety Net

High cost of living and unemployment create extraordinary challenges for people living in deep pockets of poverty adjacent to great affluence.

Health & Wellness Health & Welllness

Families who struggle with basic needs are more likely to suffer from poor health and well-being, which negatively impacts children’s educational achievement.

Education Education

Lack of education drives lower incomes and limited ability to meet basic needs, creating a negative cycle that can continue for generations.


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